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Armlift in New York

Written by Dr. Jacobs

Almost everyone experiences some sagging of the upper arms over time. Skin in the area tends to be quite thin and not very resilient, losing the battle with gravity as the years pass. If you've gained or lost weight, or both, your problem may be worse than average.

The only way to treat saggy upper arms is with a procedure plastic surgeons call brachioplasty, also referred to as an arm lift, arm tuck and even "bat wing surgery" by some. No amount of pumping iron will make a difference, unfortunately. Cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin along with liposuction to eliminate fat pockets is the only effective measure.

Brachioplasty is one of the many body contouring procedures Dr. Elliot Jacobs offers plastic surgery patients from all over the country, including nearby New Jersey and greater New York. Arm Lift surgery can be rewarding for the right candidate. If you want to find out if the procedure is right for you, request a consultation with Dr. Jacobs to talk it over.

Our Arm Lift Philosophy

One of the key aspects of arm lift surgery to discuss in the consultation room is scarring. Your scars will likely extend from your armpit down close to your elbow, and while they may not be visible when your arms are at your sides, they will be in plain sight some of the time when your arms are bare. Patients planning to wear tank tops and other revealing clothing need to think this through and be ready to trade excess skin and fat deposits for a scar.

People who have lost a great deal of weight are often ideal candidates for an arm lift. When it's a matter of reducing redundant skin and re-sculpting it to fit a slimmer physique, brachioplasty is often very appropriate. It can help a formerly obese patient fit into a brand new wardrobe! Arm lift surgery can often be combined with other procedures for weight loss patients, such as a breast lift or breast lift with implants.

Dr. Jacobs' work has been profiled in print and broadcast media numerous times. As an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon he enjoys body contouring and will be happy to meet you and help you achieve your goals.

Arm Lift Overview

Arm lift surgery starts with an incision at or near the armpit, extending downward. Dr. Jacobs then performs liposuction to banish pockets of fat and sculpt a smooth, even layer of surface tissues under the skin. Then the skin is tightened and excess amounts removed. He'll close your incisions with dissolving sutures.

The procedure takes around two hours in our accredited surgical suite. You'll likely have twilight sedation instead of general anesthesia, meaning you will be in a light sleep and recover more quickly after surgery is finished. You'll be in the care of our highly experienced surgical team the entire time, including our M.D. anesthesiologist.

The procedure is straightforward and poses few risks. Our New York brachioplasty patients generally recover quickly, taking pain medication for just a day or two. You will be ready to go back to work in a few days and resume all your activities, including exercise, within a few weeks.

To find out more about arm lift surgery and other cosmetic procedures Dr. Jacobs offers, Contact him online or call the office at 212-570-6080 to arrange a personal consultation.

Arm Lift FAQ

  • Do you do a short scar arm lift?

If you're talking about brachioplasty that conceals a small scar in the armpit, we don't often do it. In our experience the results of this approach are limited, so we only perform arm lifts this way for select patients. We do, however, customize the surgery to the needs of each patient. We can discuss where your scar will be located during your consultation.

  • Will smoking affect my results?

Smoking inhibits wound healing by reducing circulation to the affected area. This means the supply of nutrients contained in the blood is less than it should be, and the risk of infection and poor healing is elevated. You must stop smoking for at least two weeks prior to surgery, and refrain from smoking during the recovery process as well. This is a great time to quit!

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