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MTF Surgery: Risks and Results

Written by Dr. Jacobs

We have good news for you about MTF top surgery: it is generally very safe and straightforward.  With that said, you will want to be acquainted with the possible risks and complications so you can make informed decisions and be on the lookout for possible issues. 

While you learn about potential risks, you should also give some thought to the results you’re likely to achieve.  Dr. Jacobs will review these two important topics in detail during your consultation—are you ready for the appointment?  Contact us and we’ll work around your schedule.

For now, here is some information to get you started.

Top Surgery Risks

Any kind of surgery involves some basic risks.  These include excess swelling, blood or fluid build up, adverse scarring, infection and a few more.  Most of these either resolve themselves or can be handled in an office visit.

Male to female surgery does pose some specific risks.  They do not happen frequently, but they are possible.

  • Capsular contracture is a risk all breast implant patients should consider, though the incidence continues to drop as breast augmentation techniques evolve.  The condition happens when scar tissue that naturally develops around the breast pockets tightens up on an implant.  Squeezing can be mild to severe, and in the extreme can require surgical correction. 
  • Loss of sensation happens from time to time.  When it does, generally a small area of the breast (typically nipples and areolas) is affected.  Occasionally sensation loss is more widespread. 
  • Unnatural implant appearance is a topic to discuss with Dr. Jacobs during your consultation.  His surgical strategy will address avoiding undesirable outcomes such as saline implant rippling or visible implant edges. 
  • Implant displacement happens very rarely.  You don’t need to be concerned about this possibility much at all with small to moderate size implants; larger models pose a slightly higher risk.  If you are worried about this, be sure to bring it up with Dr. Jacobs.
  • Implant failure isn’t all that rare; in fact, even manufacturers will advise that breast implants can’t be expected to last forever.  Saline models are likely to rupture and need to be exchanged at some point, and silicone implants may need replacement.  Dr. Jacobs will tell you more about this aspect of breast augmentation when you meet, and there’s plenty of information available on the Internet.
  • Regret is a possibility that should be eliminated prior to surgery.  By the time you decide to go forward with MTF top surgery, it’s best if you have talked it over with your primary care physician, attended counseling, discussed surgery with loved ones and friends and given it a great deal of thought.  Both you and Dr. Jacobs should be sure it is time to proceed.  It is certainly possible to remove breast implants at a later time, though your skin will have stretched and you can expect scarring. 

You may be wondering how to reduce risks as much as possible as you prepare for man to woman surgery.  The first step is to select your plastic surgeon carefully and be sure he or she is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  This way you’ll know your surgeon has years of specific training in plastic surgery and has completed rigorous peer evaluation.  Second, follow the instructions your plastic surgeon gives you very closely.

Expectations and Results

An important factor in how you feel about your results is realistic expectations.  You will have larger breasts after surgery, that’s certain, and your results should look natural and in line with the rest of your physique.  But breast enlargement surgery will not change your rib cage or other areas of your body.  If you want to take additional steps toward a more feminine appearance, Dr. Jacobs can discuss liposuction, facial plastic surgery and other procedures with you.

When it comes to how you feel about your new breasts, we will be excited to find out!  Since MTF top surgery changes your life as well as your body, we look forward to learning about the impact of the procedure from you.

From working with thousands of female patients throughout the years, we are well aware that the appearance of a woman’s breasts is central to how she feels about many aspects of life.  If your goal is to look more feminine than you did prior to surgery, you can have every expectation to feel great about the results.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re like most transsexual patients, you will have done plenty of research prior to stepping into the consultation room.  Learn all you can, and be sure to bring up any concerns you have with Dr. Jacobs. 

Any questions at this point?  Give us a call at 212-570-6080 or ask via our online form.

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