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Real Patient Stories

Dr. Jacobs has helped thousands of people like you to improve the way they look and feel about their appearance. A good way to learn about what the cosmetic surgery experience can be like is to hear from actual patients. Here are just a few stories from the many satisfied patients he has seen over the years!

Please don't hesitate to contact us to learn how you can become one of Dr. Jacobs' satisfied patients.

Mora's Facelift

Many plastic surgery patients make the decision to "have work done" at the same time they reach another milestone in their life. Mora, a realtor in her late 60's from Miami Beach, is one of those people.

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Michael's Male Breast Reduction

Many men are not very open to discussing excess breast tissue, but Michael’s reluctance to face his condition or even give it a name went beyond that of many people. “It was like a dirty little secret,” he remembers.

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Ahuva's Tummy Tuck

After a medical treatment that caused her to gain a lot of weight, Ahuva battled back and was able to tone up – everywhere except her abdomen, that is. The excess fat and lax skin simply would not budge, and she decided to take action.

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Claire’s Eyelid Surgery

Claire pays special attention to the appearance of her eyes. "Working in theater, my eyes are my most important feature." Noticing the first signs of under eye bags recently, she decided to visit Dr. Jacobs again for a consultation.

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James' Male Breast Reduction

James opted to have gynecomastia surgery in his 50’s. Today, he can wear what he wants to, and he feels better about his physique. His new, more balanced shape also motivates him to stick to his healthy diet and exercise program.

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