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FTM Surgery: Risks and Results

Written by Dr. Jacobs

Having performed breast reduction surgery for both women and men for more than 30 years, Dr. Elliot Jacobs can attest that the procedure is very safe.  In fact, working with him can give you extra confidence since he has more experience with male and female chests than almost any other plastic surgeon in the country. 

It’s important you’re well acquainted with the possible risks and complications, however.  This way you’ll choose to undergo FTM top surgery knowing everything you need to know, and you’ll be prepared to follow all instructions.  In addition, should something unforeseen arise during recovery, you’ll know what to do.

Dr. Jacobs will help you understand the risks of FTM surgery and he’ll answer any questions you may have.  During your consultation, he will also have a discussion with you about your expectations to ensure you’re likely to be delighted with the results of your procedure.  Ready to meet him?  Just fill out our simple online contact form.

As you await your appointment with us in New York, some FTM top surgery information regarding risks may help.

Top Surgery Risks

You probably know that surgery of any kind poses risks.  No matter what the operation, patients may experience an infection, hematoma (blood build up), seroma (fluid build up) and a few other conditions.  These are rare, fortunately.  Even more unlikely are complications such as blood clots and poor healing.  Most problems that pop up are minor and resolve themselves, or can be easily treated in our offices.

Risks specific to female to male breast surgery include the following.

  • Loss of sensation occurs in some patients.  While nerve endings usually reconnect during recovery, some patients report diminished sensation in small to larger areas.  The risk will be greater if you’re having a mastectomy-like procedure and if your nipples and areolas are moved.  Talk with Dr. Jacobs about this during your consultation and he can explain what his experience has been with a variety of patients.
  • Unfavorable scarring happens occasionally because the formation of scar tissue is unpredictable.  Most female to male surgery patients don’t find their scars to be a problem after breast reduction, even if surgery has been extensive.  That’s because scars eventually shrink and fade to be thin, light colored lines.  Even if your scars turn out bumpier or wider than anticipated, Dr. Jacobs can usually improve their appearance with injections or very minor surgery.
  • Regrets are certainly possible, and for people transitioning from female to male via surgery, it’s not easy at all to reverse the outcome.  That’s why we advise our FTM patients to consider breast reduction to be permanent.  Implants could be used at a future time for reconstruction, but the results would almost certainly be disappointing.  Your appearance would not be as it was before top surgery.

    Dr. Jacobs will want to talk with you at length about your decision to move forward for this reason.  If other measures you have taken—such as hormone treatment, dressing differently and binding—have strengthened your interest in top surgery, that’s an indication it may be a good choice.  FTM surgery is a big step, and it’s our responsibility to evaluate you as a candidate.

You play a critical role in reducing surgical risks.  The single most important thing you can do is be certain any surgeon you’re considering is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Their certification requirements are stricter than any other organization and include years of formal training in plastic surgery and a rigorous evaluation process.  Once you are confident in your choice of surgeon, be sure to be completely open and honest during the consultation.  Finally, understand and follow the instructions your surgeon gives you before and after the procedure.

Expectations and Results

While it’s natural that you’ll look forward to your new appearance with eager anticipation, we also want to ensure that your expectations are realistic.  As your body heals, it will become apparent that your feminine-looking breasts are gone.  The small amount of tissue that remains will be sculpted into masculine contours.

But although your chest will look different, the rest of your body will not change.  It’s worth a moment of thought to make sure you don’t subconsciously expect to look more masculine overall.  If you feel the rest of you could use some attention, you might want to talk with Dr. Jacobs about liposuction to slim your hips and thighs.  FTM top surgery can often be combined with another procedure to save money and down time.

We will look forward to hearing how you feel about your surgical outcome.  We know that the procedure will have a big impact on your life, and we’ll be happy to have the opportunity to learn from you.  Most patients who decide female to male surgery is the right decision are satisfied to very satisfied with their new silhouette.  Many feel a deep sense of relief that their shape is more in line with their true identity.

Ready to Get Started?

For many people considering transsexual surgery, a consultation with a highly qualified plastic surgeon yields key pieces of information that help with decision-making.  Dr. Jacobs is very happy to provide this input for transgender individuals, whether or not they choose top surgery.

If you’re ready to have this information exchange, call us at 212-570-6080 to make an appointment.  Or, fill out our short contact form and let us know any questions you may have.


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