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Featured Articles

Glow Beauty Magazine :
A Park Avenue Prescription for A Healthy Lifestyle And a Better Image for Men

Anti-Aging, In-Office Procedures

The New York Times :
A Surgeon Who Caters to Men's Concerns

Off Their Chest

New bust, new boy.

Visible Trauma for Young Men

The Growing Trend of Men and Cosmetic Surgery

No Time For Wrinkles: Women have more beauty choices than ever: which is best for you?

The Wall Street Journal:
Plastic surgery for men, trying to put a new face on careers.

Pec exercises with breast implants: Can exercises cause the implant to move or change shape?

New York Post :
What price beauty? Insights into choices for cosmetic enhancement.

Belly Interesting: Mini tummy-tuck and navel surgery.

Westchester County Business Journal:
Improved looks to earn an edge in jobs interviews.

For Him Magazine:
Surgeons make belly buttons safe for hip-huggers everywhere.

Fashion Wire Daily:
Behold the power of the Mini-Tuck.

Abdominal surgery.

The Press-Journal:
Gynecomastia sufferers suffer no more.

New York Post:
Bust surgery booms with safer Saline.


Fox 5 News:
Sweat Lipo - New Procedure Stops Excessive Sweating

WCBS Radio:
Dr. Jacobs interviewed on WCBS Radio 880AM about Gynecomastia.

CBS News:
New Procedure Stops Excessive Sweating

The Plastic Surgery Channel:
Dr. Jacobs talks about Gynecomastia.

WCBS Radio:
Dr. Jacobs interview about ways to deal with excess sweating

WYSL 1040 AM:
Dr. Jacobs talks about new procedure for sweating problems.

ABC "Good Morning America":
Male Breast Surgery on Rise for Teens

News Channel 4:
Ways To Deal With Gynecomastia

Discovery Health Channel:
Teen Gynecomastia: Before & After

Fox 5 News:
Plastic Surgery For Men

CBS News:
Treatment for Gynecomastia

News Channel 4:
Teenage Boy Undergoes Breast Surgery

Student Operated Press:
Judyth Piazza chats with Dr. Elliot Jacobs, Author of Mantalk

MTV's True Life:
I Want Arnold Schwarzenegger's Chest

Health Radio:
Head-to-toe male plastic surgery one-hour interview.

News Channel 4:
Midface Lifts offer a more strategic to youthful looks.

ABC News 20/20:
Dr. Jacobs has treated hundreds of patients with gynecomastia.

Doctors improve breast reduction surgical techniques.

Surgical option relieves teen-age gynecomastia.

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