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MTF Facial Feminization

Written by Dr. Jacobs

If you’re in the midst of a male to female transition, you already know that a woman’s face tends to be smaller and more delicate than that of a typical man. You may be considering a few changes to give yourself a more feminine appearance—if so, consider contacting Dr. Elliot Jacobs. With more than thirty years of experience delivering pleasing results for his patients in New York, he offers transgender individuals safe, satisfying cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Jacobs and his staff are a caring group of professionals who welcome transitioning patients to their Manhattan practice. From diverse backgrounds themselves, they enjoy treating men and women from all walks of life. What’s more, the team has been together for many years—some for more than two decades—and they are adept at working with patients seamlessly every step of the way. Why not give them a call at 212-570-6080 to start a conversation?

Ways to Feminize the Face

There are almost as many approaches to modifying the face as there are transgender women. Some individuals choose an aggressive strategy including bone shaving; others just need a little fine-tuning. Here are some choices to consider for the main target areas.

  • The All-Important Upper Face

    Since male foreheads often look somewhat large and heavy, many transgender women benefit from attention to this area. If your brow seems overly masculine to you, it could be that refinement of prominent bones or a distinctive brow ridge is in order. These features, called frontal bossing, can be surgically remodeled to give you a more feminine appearance.

    Another typical feature of a male forehead is a high hairline. A brow lift that lowers the hairline while raising forehead skin to smooth wrinkles and open up the eyes is a good choice for many planning man to woman surgery. Some patients benefit from an eyelid lift to enable the eyes to appear rounder and brighter.

  • Options for the Mid Face

    In our practice, we’ve perfected a modified facelift we call the mid facelift. It eliminates puffy lower eyelids and gives the cheeks a smooth, youthful appearance.  For those who are experiencing further signs of aging or who simply feel their face looks too heavy, we can perform a full facelift.

    A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is a procedure some MTF patients elect.  Since male noses are typically larger than female noses, refinement of the width or projection can help create a more feminine look.  We can also enhance cheekbones with implants, fat grafting or a dermal filler.  Finally, if you feel your ears look too prominent, surgery called otoplasty can reduce their size and/or pin them back as needed.  We can also re-sculpt heavy earlobes in a fairly simple procedure.

  • Refining the Lower Face

    MTF transgender individuals are often interested in lips that appear more full and feminine.  We can address this need with lip augmentation, a lip lift or both.  To give a more delicate, youthful look to the jaw, you can consider a neck lift or liposuction around and beneath the jaw. 

Non-Invasive Feminization Options

Dermal fillers play an ever-increasing role in our work with all our patients. We use a variety of injectables including Belafil, Radiesse, Voluma and a few others, choosing the right one(s) for each patient’s needs. For transgender people, these products can sometimes diminish the need for extensive bone surgery as they can augment and soften the body’s structures for months or even years.

We Want to Work With You

The good news and bad news about MTF transitions is that there are so many options to change the face! You may have been working on your own personal journey for many years and may already be interested in specific procedures. Chances are, however, that even though you may be certain about many aspects of your transition, there is still much you can learn about plastic surgery for transgender people.

We encourage you to contact us for a consultation—we will all enjoy the experience. For us, it’s rewarding to provide FTM and MTF transgender individuals with information about cosmetic surgery and serve as trusted advisors. And it will give us great pleasure to assist you in your transition should you choose to undergo treatment. Entrust part of your journey to us!

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