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Otoplasty in New York

Written by Dr. Jacobs

For the right candidate, otoplasty in New York with Dr. Jacobs can deliver meaningful change.  Men, women and children who choose to have ear surgery may first experience a period of adjustment—and sometimes, elation—when they look in the mirror often to remind themselves that their formerly prominent ears now lie flat.  Then they simply get on with their lives with a problem put to rest.

Ear surgery in New York can correct a number of issues.  Most often, patients seek our help to minimize ears that are large or stick out due to an excess of ear cartilage, underdeveloped folds or an injury to the ear.  The procedure that sculpts the ears and bends them closer to the head is commonly called “ear pinning” and is referred to by doctors as otoplasty.  We also see patients who elect minor surgery to repair damage caused by earrings and sometimes to improve a scar.

Because it affects mainly cartilage and surface tissues, otoplasty is a safe, straightforward procedure that involves a relatively easy recovery.  Nevertheless, it is an important decision, especially if a youngster is the candidate.  Dr. Elliot Jacobs, one of the leading plastic surgeons in New York, has more than three decades of experience to offer.  Patients young and old appreciate his gentle approach and complete honesty.  He can help you make good choices about ear surgery for a child or for you.  Request a consultation with him today.

Our Otoplasty Philosophy
We feel the same way about ears as we do about noses, breasts and other physical features.  The key factor in electing surgery is not whether your ears look different than the average person’s.  The important point is whether your ears bother you a great deal.  If they do, and if you feel that cosmetic surgery would relieve you of anxiety about your appearance, then we would probably consider you a good candidate for otoplasty.
When children have prominent ears, parents need to think carefully about whether surgery is the right option and about ways to help their child have a healthy self-image.  Again, the appearance of the ears is not as important as how your child feels about his or her looks.  Consider some of these points:

  • Are you helping your child understand the role of appearance in overall happiness?
  • Can you help your child have a realistic view of what surgery can and can’t do?
  • Are you teaching ways to handle bullies whether or not your child has surgery?
  • Is your child likely to handle post-surgical comments (if any) with ease?

If your child has appropriate feelings about his or her appearance overall, wants surgery and has the right expectations, ear pinning may be an excellent choice.  It can be performed on children as young as about five, as long as the ears have stopped growing.  Youngsters also need to be mature enough to comply with post-surgical instructions.
Otoplasty Overview

Dr. Jacobs performs otoplasty either under local anesthesia or under intravenous sedation.  There’s no need for general anesthesia for ear surgery.  Procedures are performed in our fully accredited surgical suite, with a staff that includes an M.D. anesthesiologist and trained professionals with many years of experience.

We tailor surgery to the unique needs of each patient.  Usually, a curved incision is placed behind the ear.  Excess cartilage can be removed as needed, and tiny sutures can be strategically placed to bring the ear closer to the head.  Patients usually heal with minimal scarring, with any traces of surgery hidden behind the ears. 

Discomfort after surgery is usually mild.  You’ll have bandages for a few days, then just a headband for sleeping for a few weeks.  You should be able to resume many of your activities right away, delaying strenuous exercise for about three weeks.  You may experience some residual tenderness for a few months, but you’ll be pleased at how little swelling and bruising you’ll see.  Your new look will be ready to debut in just a few days.

Dr. Jacobs offers otoplasty for New Jersey and New York men and women and children, and he excels at giving informed, practical input you can use for decision-making.  Call our office at 815 Park Avenue at 212-570-6080 for an appointment with him or request a consultation via our online form.

Otoplasty FAQ

  • Is otoplasty covered by insurance?

Sometimes ear pinning is covered by insurance, particularly for children.  We don’t accept insurance as payment for cosmetic surgery, but our trained staff can assist you in negotiating with your carrier and in submitting bills for payment.

  • How can I make a good decision about my child’s ears?

It can be difficult to decide whether otoplasty is right for your son or daughter because they are unlikely to be skilled in expressing themselves.  Look for signs they may be suffering, such as gradual withdrawal, changes in personality, changes in relationships with friends and standing in front of the mirror touching their ears.  Talk with your child openly, letting them know that their feelings are safe with you no matter what.  Consider bringing your son or daughter in to meet Dr. Jacobs.  He has an extensive track record in working with younger patients and can offer the benefits of his experience.

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