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Before and After MTF Top Surgery

Written by Dr. Jacobs


The important work for you to accomplish happens before and after your top surgery in New York with Dr. Jacobs.  You can leave the hour and a half to two-hour procedure to him and his experienced team!  As long as you are well prepared for the big day and ready for a smooth recovery, you’ll be all set.

Here’s some information that will help.  If you have any questions for us now, fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 212-570-6080 to make an appointment to come in and meet us.  We look forward to working with you.

Before and After MTF, Front view Before and After MTF, side view

Readiness for Surgery

Man to woman surgery involves both physical and psychological changes, and it warrants extra care in the preparation phase.  That’s why Dr. Jacobs will want to have an in-depth conversation with you before you both commit to moving ahead.  He’ll want to find out some key details, such as your background, general health, support system and more.  He’ll also want to know that you have thought about top surgery a great deal before deciding it’s the right move.

  • Psychological readiness is as important as physical readiness when it comes to male to female surgery.  It helps to prepare for your consultation by gathering information about your transition to share with Dr. Jacobs.  If you’re taking hormones, it’s a good idea to bring your prescription along to the appointment.  Assuming you have a positive relationship with a primary care physician, you may also want to bring a letter of recommendation.

    Counseling plays an important role for many transgender patients.  If you’re seeing a counselor now, bring a letter from him or her along with diagnostic information or anything else you think may help Dr. Jacobs learn about your journey.  It can also help to schedule some therapy sessions during your recovery process, as getting used to your new appearance can take a while.  Assuming you have identified as female for years, your post-surgery feelings should be overwhelmingly positive.  But don’t expect to make an automatic adjustment—it can take some time for you and others to get used to your new shape.

  • Physical readiness can be summed up with the phrases “good health” and “common sense.”  If you use tobacco in any form, this would be a great time to stop.  At very least you must discontinue for a time before and after surgery to give your tissues the good circulation they require to heal.  You should also ensure that you get plenty of nutrients prior to surgery.  If you’re on a quest to lose weight it is ok to watch calories, just be certain to get plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals.  You can also work out as usual, just don’t tire yourself unduly prior to your procedure.

    Set aside time to fill your prescriptions well before surgery and make sure your home is ready for your return.  Have food available that’s easy on the system as well as quick meals on hand.  You may also want to gather a supply of reading material, movies and music to help you relax.  Many people like to clean the house and put out fresh towels, sheets and fluffy pillows to make their home extra welcoming.

Recovering from Top Surgery

You will probably find the initial recovery process fairly easy.  Since Dr. Jacobs and his M.D. anesthesiologist prefer to use twilight sedation—also called intravenous sedation—you’ll awaken quickly after surgery with none of the “hangover” associated with general anesthesia.  You should have no headache or sore throat, no nausea and very little grogginess.  After we observe you and examine you for a time in the recovery room, you can have a friend take you home to rest.

We advise all our breast augmentation patients to plan a week to a week and a half away from work.  During this period, you’ll experience some swelling and bruising along with moderate discomfort.  Most patients take prescription medication for a day or a few days, then switch to over the counter pain relievers. 

Complete rest for at least a few days is the best plan.  You won’t be able to raise your arms high or lift much weight at first, so having someone available to help you is a good idea.  You can add light activities back to your routine in roughly one week, and more strenuous work and play over the following few weeks.

Dr. Jacobs and his staff will review all this information and more with you in person, and they will be with you every step along the way.  Call if you’re ready to get started: 212-570-6080. 

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