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Eyelid Lift in New York

Written by Dr. Jacobs

In recent years, eyelid lift surgery, also called blepharoplasty, has been consistently popular with both men and women. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports nearly 150,000 patients elect the procedure annually across the country and here in New York. Blepharoplasty ranks in the top five cosmetic surgeries for both men and women.

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Indeed, hundreds of patients choose Dr. Jacobs to perform blepharoplasty in New York each year. Whether they practice at the bar or the barre, whether they manage a portfolio on Wall Street or a household in the suburbs, both men and women know that eyelid lift or eyelid tuck surgery offers quite a payoff in terms of rejuvenation with a relatively smooth recovery.

If you've ever been told you look tired, angry or sad when you feel none of those things, consider blepharoplasty in New York with Dr. Elliot Jacobs. The procedure requires a very careful, delicate approach, and Dr. Jacobs offers the benefits of certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, an extensive background in education and ongoing training and a thirty-year track record as a highly successful Manhattan plastic surgeon. Schedule a consultation to meet with him soon.

Our Eyelid Lift Philosophy

When it comes to cosmetic surgery around the eyes, working with a cosmetic surgeon with plenty of experience and sound judgment is essential. You want to see a refreshed look in the mirror after surgery, not someone who appears completely different. No one wants their results to look too tight, or cat-like, nor should the lower lid area look sunken and hollow. For these reasons, Dr. Jacobs' approach to eyelid lifts is conservative and delicate.

Dr. Jacobs also takes into account subtle differences between female and male eyelids. Women look best with all redundant eyelid skin removed, creating a bright-eyed look and leaving a smooth surface for makeup to enhance the appearance. Lower eyelids should be smooth as well, with no bags, lines or wrinkles to deal with.

On the other hand, men naturally have a small crease of extra skin on the upper lids, and in fact, if they have ultra smooth and tight skin, they appear less masculine. Therefore, Dr. Jacobs deliberately leaves a small amount of excess skin on the upper eyelids. Lower eyelids need not be totally wrinkle-free either, but bags should be removed. Again, Dr. Jacobs will leave a slight excess of skin in order to prevent an overly tight and unnaturally smooth appearance of the lower eyelids. For men, a residual small line or wrinkle is perfectly acceptable and perhaps distinguishing.

Since the eyes are one of our most important features, blepharoplasty offers great rejuvenation power for most patients. It can be performed alone, but is often combined with other facial procedures for even greater effect. Dr. Jacobs has performed thousands of eyelid surgeries for men and women and enjoys restoring the twinkle in the eyes!

Eyelid Lift Overview

For the upper eyelids, Dr. Jacobs makes two carefully measured parallel incisions, placed so any faint scars that result will be well hidden. Through the incision, fat deposits can be removed as needed, and the muscles that cause "worry lines" between the brows can be weakened if desired. If hollows and asymmetry are problems, Dr. Jacobs can address those at this time as well. He removes redundant tissue that causes eyelid droop, then carefully sutures the incisions closed.

Dr. Jacobs treats lower lids with small incisions just below the lash line. He can remove or reposition fat deposits to smooth "bags" below the lids, then he pulls up lax skin, removes excess tissue and closes the small wounds. If a patient has experienced drooping of the cheeks, Dr. Jacobs can use the lower eyelid incisions to elevate the skin of the mid-face as well. This procedure is sometimes called a mid-facelift or an extended lower eyelid tuck. Cheek implants can even be inserted through lower lid incisions to refine the structure of your face.

Although eyelid surgery demands great skill and meticulous attention from the plastic surgeon, it's a relatively smooth procedure for the patient. We perform blepharoplasty in our New York City surgical suite under twilight anesthesia for almost every patient. The procedure may take 90 minutes or a little longer, depending on how much is done. People sleep through the entire process, awaken easily and usually go home with no more discomfort than scratchy eyes and tightness.

If you elect eyelid surgery, you can expect light swelling and some bruising that will take a while to dissipate. Plan one to two weeks away from work for this reason. We will help you with information you can use to help heal the signs of surgery as soon as possible.

Blepharoplasty is generally a very rewarding procedure, offering the chance to rejuvenate and brighten your appearance. Many patients report receiving compliments from friends on their looks, without anyone knowing exactly what's different! Contact us online or call at 212-570-6080 to come meet with Dr. Jacobs.

Eyelid Lift FAQ

  • I'm pretty young but have bags under my eyes, should I consider surgery?

The bags you see beneath your lower eyelids are fat deposits, and their appearance tends to be genetically determined. There's not much you can do about them except to have them surgically removed. If you do not have any lax skin, those fat pockets can be removed through tiny incisions inside your lower lids.

  • Should I get an eye exam before blepharoplasty?

Yes, in every case we have our patients get an eye exam to check for conditions like glaucoma, excessive dryness and so on. We want to make sure your eyes are healthy and ready for a cosmetic procedure!

  • Will eyelid surgery improve dark circles under my eyes?

For many, dark patches under the eyes are due to hereditary hyperpigmentation of the skin. If this is the case for you, a chemical peel may very well be the best treatment. Sometimes darkness under the lower lids is due to shadows created by fat pockets. In this case, blepharoplasty can certainly help. Dr. Jacobs will evaluate your case in the consultation room and give you his recommendation.

  • Can I have just the upper or lower lids done?

Yes, you can elect to have either upper or lower lids operated on, or both. Dr. Jacobs will examine you in the consultation room and offer his recommendations, but the final decisions are yours to make.

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