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Mid Facelift in New York

Written by Dr. Jacobs

For many women and men in their 40s and 50s, a mid facelift in Manhattan with Dr. Jacobs might be the right strategy for facial rejuvenation.  The midfacial area – the triangular region below the eyes and down to the corners of the mouth – is often the area that shows the first signs of facial aging as naso-labial folds deepen and eyes look droopy and tired.  Bags may form under the lower lids and a distinct line between the eyes and cheeks (the lid-cheek junction) may appear.

woman face, eyes womanSee How an Eyelid Lift Complements Facelift Surgery

The mid facelift, which can also be thought of as an extended lower eyelid lift, softens the naso-labial folds, or the wrinkles that run from nose to mouth, by elevating sagging skin and tissues underneath.  The eyes look more youthful as excess fat bags are removed, the skin under the eyes is smoothed and the lid-cheek junction is erased.  The mid facelift softens and rejuvenates the entire upper cheek area.

Not only is the mid facelift appropriate and effective for many men and women, it costs less and involves a shorter downtime period for most people.  But it is a highly specialized procedure and not many cosmetic surgeons are comfortable performing it.  Dr. Elliot Jacobs, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has been performing facelifts and mid facelifts in New York for three decades.  Take a look at some of his before and after cosmetic surgery photos and arrange a consultation with him to discuss facial rejuvenation for you.

Our Mid Facelift Philosophy

It may surprise you to learn that many men and women who are showing signs of facial aging are actually not good candidates for traditional facelift surgery.  That procedure entails pulling the skin and structures underneath back through incisions near the ears.  It has an effect on the cheek area in front of the ears, but minimal impact on the midfacial area.  Indeed a traditional facelift can be the wrong procedure for some patients, as improvement in the midfacial area is best achieved by pulling up, not back.

You can do a simple test to determine whether a mid facelift might be a good choice for you.  Place a finger on your cheekbone just under the outer corner of your eye and gently lift in a vertical direction.  If sagging improves and naso-labial folds soften, it's likely that a mid facelift would be appropriate for you.

This procedure can be combined with a browlift or upper eyelid lift to rejuvenate the entire upper face.  Sometimes Dr. Jacobs performs a facelift, mid facelift and necklift all in one to bring back a youthful appearance while avoiding the hallmarks of overdone, overly-tight surgery.  As always, our goal will be to recommend a procedure that's just the right fit for your unique needs.

Mid Facelift Overview

Dr. Jacobs performs mid facelifts through incisions just below the eyelashes of the lower lids, extending to the outer corner of the eye and then down slightly in a squint line.  He elevates the tissues underneath and secures them in a new, higher position.  He eliminates excess skin and fat bags, relocating fat to fill depressions as needed.  As a result, tissues covering the cheekbones are thicker than before, enhancing their contour.  Dr. Jacobs takes great care not to alter the natural shape of the eyes so there's no trace of a "feline" appearance.

Your surgery will be performed on an outpatient basis in our New York plastic surgery suite, a facility that's fully accredited by the same organization that evaluates hospitals across the U.S.  You'll be under twilight anesthesia, making your initial recovery gentle and comfortable, without the "hangover" of general anesthesia.  The entire operation takes 60-90 minutes.

Most patients experience little to no discomfort after surgery, although you may notice a sense of pulling, tightness and swelling.  You may also have minor bruising that lasts about a week and can be covered with makeup.  Within three to five days following your mid facelift, Dr. Jacobs will remove your tiny stitches. 

Find out what a mid facelift might accomplish for you in a personal consultation.  Call our Park Avenue offices at 212-570-6080 or contact us online.

Mid Facelift FAQ

  • Does a mid facelift last forever?

Your face will continue to age – there's no stopping the process!  The good news is that after a mid facelift, you will always look younger than you would if you had never had the procedure.  Most patients notice beneficial effects for several to ten years.

  • Why don't other plastic surgeons offer mid facelifts?

The eyes and the tissues around them are extremely fragile and delicate, and some surgeons simply aren't comfortable performing a variety of procedures around the lids.  And, since the mid facelift is a specialized operation, most aren't trained to do it.


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