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Bodylift in New York

Written by Dr. Jacobs

If you're considering a body lift in New York, you have almost certainly succeeded in losing a great deal of weight. Congratulations! You have taken the most important step toward a healthier life, and it makes complete sense that you are interested in a procedure that will help put the finishing touches on the new you.

Body lift surgery can accomplish a great deal for men and women who have lost weight. Our New York body lift patients realize a trim torso and a rejuvenated look for buttocks and thighs, and often even the pubic area. Chafing skin and rashes are gone, and people fit much better in their clothing. While demanding more investment on the part of the patient, a body lift can complete a transformation from obesity to a whole new life.

Dr. Elliot Jacobs is a very experienced New York plastic surgeon. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and in practice for thirty years, he has served the needs of thousands of men and women seeking body contouring. He takes great pride in sculpting a new physique that will fulfill a weight lost patient's vision for their future. Why not schedule a consultation today?

Our Body Lift Philosophy

Dr. Jacobs enjoys warm, open relationships with all his patients, but in the case of weight loss patients the relationship is especially important. We know it's likely that men and women who have lost weight will need more than one procedure, and we also know the array of choices can be confusing. Patients need to know which procedures will yield the most benefit, how many can be done at one time and which should be done first. At the same time there may be questions about insurance, financing and more.

This is where Dr. Jacobs' training, experience and skill in body contouring make a difference. Not only that, he truly cares about the people he works with and finds it rewarding to partner with weight loss patients, playing an important role in their journey back to good health. He will enjoy meeting you and helping you gain a thorough understanding of your plastic surgery options, no matter what you choose to do.

Body Lift Overview

If you've been researching plastic surgery after weight loss with the goal of improving the look of your torso, you may be somewhat perplexed at this point. There are cosmetic procedures that tighten muscles as well as removing redundant skin, such as abdominoplasty. Other procedures address just excess skin and fat – one is called a panniculectomy. For some patients, there's additional need for a procedure focused on the pubic area called a mons reduction or mons lift.

The reason for so many options is, as Dr. Jacobs puts it, "People lose weight in many different ways." Most men and women are not in a position to decide for themselves what's needed, making the selection of plastic surgeon all the more important.

If a body lift is the right course of action for you, just as its name implies, the procedure will lift a good portion of your body. Dr. Jacobs will make an incision around your torso, loosening skin from the tissues underneath. He'll perform liposuction to banish any remaining pockets of fat, and he'll tighten muscles as needed to restore tone. Then he will remove excess skin, elevating skin from your lower body upward. Your incisions will be closed with multiple layers of dissolving sutures. Scars from the procedure will lighten over time, but they are unavoidable. Most patients who are good candidates for a body lift willingly trade scars for the chance to live the rest of their lives in a slim body.

Unlike most cosmetic surgery procedures we offer our patients in New York, body lift surgery must be performed in the hospital. The operation takes several hours, and with patient safety and comfort the priority, a hospital setting is the right choice. You will have general anesthesia and remain overnight for monitoring.

You'll need to plan adequate time for recovery after a body lift. This includes someone to help you at home for a few days, plus a few weeks away from work and most activities. We will provide pain medication to ease initial discomfort you may experience, and we will give you plenty of information about managing your recovery process so you can soon be back to your normal life with obesity and its traces far behind you.

"Investment" is a good term for describing body lift surgery after weight loss. It requires a bit more from the patient, but the return on the investment is typically very high. Call us at 212-570-6080 or contact us online if you're interested in meeting Dr. Jacobs and discussing body contouring after weight loss with him.

Body Lift FAQ

  • Another doctor told me I should have a procedure called a "torsoplasty." What's that?

Torsoplasty is a term that's often used to describe an abdominoplasty that encircles most or the entire torso. It can also be used to describe a procedure in which liposuction is used to sculpt large portions of the torso. As we mentioned above, there are almost as many different approaches to abdominal cosmetic surgery as there are patients! The key thing for you is to arrange consultations with a few board certified plastic surgeons, listen carefully to their recommendations for you and choose the one you click with most. Don't worry too much about terms; invest your energy in choosing a great surgeon.

  • I'm embarrassed by the saggy look of my body below the bikini line. Will a body lift fix this?

It's possible that a body lift may be all you need to smooth your entire abdomen, including the pubic area. If not, or if there are stubborn fat pockets that need attention as well as excess skin, we can perform what's known as a mons reduction or mons lift to address skin and fat at the same time as your body lift.

  • I am near my target weight, can I have a body lift now or must I wait?

Again, the right move is to discuss this with a qualified plastic surgeon in consultation. If you are very close to your goal, it may be fine to go ahead now. Or you and your doctor can determine how many more pounds need to come off first, but begin planning the procedure now.

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