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Thigh Lift in New York

Written by Dr. Jacobs

Thigh lift surgery may not be one of most well known cosmetic surgical procedures, but it is a welcome option for those who are good candidates. Dr. Elliot Jacobs and his staff have worked with many New York thigh lift patients – men and women who are interested in achieving a shapely, youthful look for their legs.

The majority of people who choose thigh lifts are post weight loss patients. They have often undergone other body contouring procedures and are interested in a thigh lift to put the finishing touches on their new physique. Other thigh lift candidates are people who have become increasingly unhappy with the look of their legs over the years as tissues have aged and become saggy and lumpy. If you just can't bear the sight of your thighs in shorts, skirts or bathing suits, a thigh lift might be a good choice for you.

If you want to find out what's involved in a thigh lift and if the procedure is right for you, request a consultation with Dr. Jacobs to talk it over.

Our Thigh Lift Philosophy

In our Manhattan plastic surgery practice, we most often perform thigh lifts to address the inner thigh. This procedure is called a medial thigh lift. Does this mean we can't help sculpt your outer thighs? Not at all! To reduce and smooth the look of the outer thigh, we may recommend liposuction or another procedure.

You can see why a personal examination and consultation is so valuable in your decision making process. Dr. Jacobs can help you understand what a thigh lift can accomplish for you, whether there are additional choices to consider and other key factors, such as where your scars would be placed.

Dr. Jacobs is an experienced, board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon who takes great pride in body contouring. He also finds it very rewarding to educate his patients and assist them in making good decisions, whether they involve cosmetic surgery or not.

Thigh Lift Overview

If you elect to have a thigh lift, Dr. Jacobs will place incisions as high up on your leg as possible, hiding them in natural creases where they are unlikely to be seen in most situations. He will remove fat pockets, tighten and excise skin so the result is a smoother skin surface and younger looking contours.

We perform most body contouring surgeries in our surgical suite that's fully accredited by the Joint Commission, the same organization that evaluates and certifies the nation's most prestigious hospitals. We like to use intravenous or twilight sedation when possible to help our patients recover quickly without the typical general anesthesia "hangover." Our experienced surgical team, including an M.D. anesthesiologist we've partnered with for many years, will be with you every moment.

After surgery, you'll wear a compression garment for a few weeks to aid in the healing process. Most New York thigh lift patients can start performing light activities in about two weeks, adding in more strenuous routines in another two to four weeks. You can manage any initial discomfort with pain medication for a few days.

Why not come in and talk with Dr. Jacobs about your body contouring needs? Contact us online or call us at 212-570-6080 to arrange a personal consultation.

Thigh Lift FAQ

  • Do you do a minimal incision thigh lift?

What we do is customize each thigh lift to match the needs of the patient. That means some people have smaller incisions than others. When you come in for your consultation, we will go over our recommendations thoroughly with you, including the rationale for incision placement.

  • I have lost weight, can I have a thigh lift before other procedures?

To map out a plastic surgery after weight loss strategy, we suggest you come in for a consultation. If you need more than one plastic surgery session, it's important to plan carefully. For instance, if you elect a body lift, it will have some positive effect on your thighs. In that case you would not want to undergo a thigh lift first.

  • Aren't thigh lifts difficult to recover from?

The key to a smooth recovery lies in following instructions to the letter. Incisions in the groin area need to be cared for properly, for instance. Dr. Jacobs' staff will make sure you are fully prepared with all the information you need for a good post-op experience. And of course you can contact us at any time with concerns.

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