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Facial Plastic Surgery in New York

During the thirty years we’ve been practicing in New York, cosmetic surgery to resculpt and rejuvenate the face has become more and more popular. Our patients – both men and women – tell us that facial cosmetic surgery is a worthwhile investment in looking and feeling their best.

When seeking facial cosmetic surgery, New York residents choose their procedures for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s about refining the look of a nose they have always disliked. Others make it a priority to keep in good shape, but find that the passing years and the elements have caused their face to give away their age. Still others work in a field with younger colleagues and want to feel less out of place.

Whatever your motives might be, if an aspect of your face bothers you, consider learning more about facial plastic surgery. It makes sense to find out what’s possible for this all-important feature.

Facial Sculpting with Dr. Jacobs

A native of New York, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Elliot Jacobs is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of prestigious, professional plastic surgery organizations. He offers cosmetic procedures for men and women including brow lift, ethnic rhinoplasty, fat transfer to the face and lip enhancement, as well as the most requested forms of facial plastic surgery. Take a look at before and after photos to get ideas about what Dr. Jacobs accomplishes for real patients.

Why not become better informed with your own personal consultation? Contact us online or call 212-570-6080 for an appointment.

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