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Breast Problems

Written by Dr. Jacobs

Breast problems run the gamut – from breast deformities to slight variations from the norm. The most common deformity is tuberous breasts, sometimes called tubular breasts, zucchini breasts or even “Snoopy” breasts. They get their names from the way they grow – with a constricted circumference that forces tissue to expand outward and down, pushing the nipple areola complex outward with it. That’s why many cases of puffy nipples are really mild forms of tuberous breasts.

Variations from what could be characterized as “average” or “the norm” are plentiful when it comes to breasts. Some degree of asymmetry is common to almost every woman, for example, but some patients have breasts that are very different in size. Occasionally we work with a patient whose rib cage shape makes breast augmentation extra challenging; sometimes we see patients with very wide cleavage that bothers them.

The bottom line is that not every cosmetic surgeon in New York is ready to handle these and other special considerations. If you are wondering what could be accomplished for you, arrange a consultation with Dr. Elliot Jacobs, a board certified plastic surgeon who has helped women achieve greater satisfaction with their figure for three decades.

Our Philosophy About Breast Problems

Our basic belief about breast variation is: if it troubles you, it’s a problem. Some women with severe tuberous breasts aren’t bothered by them at all. Some women with only slight degrees of breast asymmetry are very unhappy. If you have a healthy self-image, a positive outlook on life and realistic expectations, there’s no reason not to explore what can be done.

Dr. Jacobs and his staff believe in open, honest communication with their patients. No matter how challenging your case may be, it’s very likely Dr. Jacobs can create pleasing results that will have you feeling satisfied and self-confident. But if he believes it’s best to leave well enough alone, he’ll let you know that too. His objective is your safety and happiness, whether or not you elect to have cosmetic surgery in New York.

Corrective Breast Surgery Overview

If you decide to have surgery to correct tuberous breasts in New York with Dr. Jacobs, he will perform breast augmentation with implants. Most procedures begin with a peri-areolar incision, allowing access inside the breast. He will make strategic internal incisions to release constricting tissues, place a breast implant and reduce the size of your areolas as needed when closing the incisions. Scars will be minimal.

For many women with tuberous breasts, silicone breast implants are a good choice. They tend to hold their shape well and give augmented breasts the most natural look and feel. Of course there are exceptions to this and every generalization about tuberous breasts. That’s why your consultation with Dr. Jacobs is so important. He will explain his approach and recommendations clearly.

If you’re looking to correct breast asymmetry, you may decide to have one or both breasts reduced, or one or both breasts augmented. Dr. Jacobs often uses breast implants of slightly different sizes when he operates.

All but the most complex breast surgeries can be performed in our accredited surgical suite under sedation (twilight) anesthesia. You’ll experience a relaxed sleep and awaken easily with few “hangover” effects, if any. Recovery depends on the extent of your procedure, but most women take about a week off work and gradually add light, then more strenuous activities over the following few weeks. Swelling, bruising and soreness can be managed with medication and cold compresses, and by taking it easy for a while.

Many patients wait years to explore the benefits of working with an experienced cosmetic surgeon in New York City, years that could have been spent feeling good about their looks instead of embarrassed or unhappy. Don’t wait to become better informed. Contact us online or call our office on Park Avenue at 212-570-6080.

Corrective Breast Surgery FAQ

  • Will I be able to breastfeed after surgery?

Whether or not you can breastfeed after cosmetic surgery depends on your condition. Many women with tuberous breasts are not able to breastfeed whether or not they have surgery. Surgery to correct other conditions may or may not have an impact. Be sure to explore this area with Dr. Jacobs during your consultation.

  • I’m a body builder; can I have surgery and look natural?

Dr. Jacobs has extensive experience working with both men and women body builders and has a thorough understanding of the anatomy of muscular patients with very little body fat. If you’re considering breast augmentation, he can create a surgical plan that will enhance your figure without leaving you looking strange when you’re pumping iron or at rest.

  • What will my scars be like after surgery?

Scars vary from procedure to procedure, naturally. Whenever possible, Dr. Jacobs creates incisions near the areolas where scars are virtually unnoticeable after they heal. Incisions that are made in the skin of the breasts will leave scars, but they should turn white and fade quite a bit over a one to two year period following surgery.

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