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Nipple Surgery in New York

Written by Dr. Jacobs

Although they are features of your breasts, your nipples and areolas are arguably the most important features. They are – or they should be – near the middle of your breasts and therefore the focal points of attention. If you’re unhappy with an aspect of your nipples or areolas, chances are you probably don’t feel good about your breasts.

Fortunately, the appearance and function of your nipples and areolas can usually be improved with just a simple procedure. Whether it’s your areolas, the dark skin around your nipples, or the nipples themselves that bother you, there’s no reason to hesitate seeking improvement.

Learn how New York City cosmetic surgeon Dr. Elliot Jacobs can change the look of your nipples and areolas in a personal consultation.

Our Philosophy About Nipple Surgery

When you meet with Dr. Jacobs, he will examine you and make suggestions about addressing your nipple and areola concerns. He will take time to explain his recommendations and answer any questions you have. You will not be rushed in any way.

Dr. Jacobs is considered one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in New York. He regularly performs all types of cosmetic breast surgery: breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction and more. He has performed nipple and areola surgery for hundreds of women, and men too.

Nipple Surgery Overview

Most nipple and areola surgeries are relatively simple, requiring just local anesthesia. Intravenous sedation, or twilight sedation, is also available if you prefer.

Here are a few of the leading procedures Dr. Jacobs performs:

  • Nipple reduction: Nipple diameter or projection—or both—can be reduced with a few tiny incisions. You will have sutures that dissolve by themselves, and there will be virtually no scarring. You can expect some soreness for a few days but no major discomfort. Nipple reduction can be done in conjunction with a breast lift or breast reduction or as a standalone procedure.
  • Inverted nipple repair: Nipples that turn inward instead of projecting outward can be repaired by releasing some of the overly tight milk ducts and nerve fibers that pull the nipples down. The small incisions required for this procedure are closed with dissolving stitches and your nipples will heal completely in two to four weeks.
  • Areola reduction: Overly wide areolas can be reduced by removing a doughnut of outer skin and placing a combination of dissolving and permanent stitches to close the circular incisions. The technique may cause small “ruffles” in the edges of the areolas, but this effect is temporary. You will experience soreness for a few days to a few weeks. Areola reduction is often performed as part of a breast lift or breast reduction but can be performed on its own.
  • Puffy nipple correction: Although most people use the term “puffy nipples,” this condition is more accurately characterized as dome-shaped areolas. The problem is usually a variation of tubular breasts and most often requires more extensive surgery than nipple or areola reduction. Click to read more about tubular breasts.

Occasionally a patient will consult us about nipples that are poorly positioned on the breasts: too high, too low or even off to the side. These cases are quite unique to each individual. Dr. Jacobs is skilled at formulating a plan to fit each particular situation. His recommendation for you may involve breast implants, strategic areola reduction and even a breast lift or breast reduction.

Dr. Jacobs has three decades of experience in cosmetic breast surgery for women and men, and he will be very pleased to offer the benefit of his skills to you. Contact him online or give us a call at 212-570-6080.

Nipple Surgery FAQ

Will I be able to breastfeed after nipple surgery?

Your ability to breastfeed after nipple surgery depends on the procedure. Most surgeries that address the areolas, such as areola reduction, will not affect breastfeeding at all. Nipple surgery, such as nipple reduction, may or may not impact future breastfeeding. Dr. Jacobs will explain the possibilities to you clearly during your consultation.

Will I experience reduced sensation after surgery?

Again, areola surgery should not affect sensation. Nipple surgery usually severs some of the nerve fibers, and although other nerves often “fill in,” sensation may be reduced.

What if my areolas are too small?

As yet, there’s no surgical procedure to enlarge small areolas. You might elect breast augmentation to enlarge your breasts overall, which will stretch your areolas somewhat. The only other option is medical tattooing, often used during breast reconstruction.

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