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James' Male Breast Reduction

James says it doesn’t usually take him a long time to make decisions, but choosing to have male breast reduction didn’t come easily or quickly for him. In fact, it took decades.

There were numerous reasons to put off taking the plunge. James has a demanding job in construction in Connecticut and could not take many days away from work. He was considering surgery for his gynecomastia in New York with Dr. Jacobs, but wasn’t sure how he would carve out the time for office visits. James also had some general hesitation about moving forward. “I have a good life. A great wife and kids, and my house is paid for.” He knew there was some risk involved in surgery and the temptation to leave well enough alone was strong.

Thinking about the Procedure

But James wasn’t content with his appearance. He didn’t think he looked feminine, exactly, but he did feel out of balance. “I was very heavy on top. Even though I dieted and lifted weights, it just didn’t go,” he says of his enlarged chest.

His feelings about his appearance caused him to avoid activities such as spending time at his in-laws’ pool with his family. He also discouraged the idea of going on vacations with other couples. All in all, James would have been just as happy to skip summer if he could.

His wife encouraged James to look into having male breast reduction years ago. It didn’t trouble her much that there were some activities they couldn’t do together, it was more that she wanted James to be happy. “She knew that it bothered me a lot,” he recalls.

His Son's Diagnosis

When one of the couple’s two sons developed gynecomastia, both James and his wife supported the young man to have male breast reduction when he reached his early 20’s. The surgery went well and yielded a good result. James was pleased for his son, but still not quite ready to commit to plastic surgery himself.

Finally, a few years after his son’s procedure, James had enough of “not doing things and not feeling good about myself.” He researched plastic surgeons on the Internet, saw a video of Dr. Jacobs and one of his patients, and scheduled a consultation. He remembers Dr. Jacobs saying he would do his absolute best for James.

Having Surgery

One more year passed by, then James made the decision to have surgery. The procedure went well, and although James experienced extensive bruising, he didn’t really feel pain, just soreness. He was able to take just four days away from work.

Dr. Calvello, the anesthesiologist, helped calm the few butterflies James had prior to surgery, informing James that the two doctors had done thousands of male breast reduction procedures together over the years. "You'll be just fine," James remembers hearing from Dr. Calvello.

Happy with His Choice

For James, the onset of gynecomastia happened at age 12. He remembers how he did not look forward to gym class, particularly the dreaded “shirts and skins” games. “Kids can be mean,” he says, remembering some of the looks he used to get.

James opted to have gynecomastia surgery in his 50’s. Today he is very happy with his new appearance. He reports he can wear what he wants to now, and he feels better about his physique. His new, more balanced shape also motivates him to stick to his healthy diet and exercise program.

James agrees that he might advise other men with enlarged breasts to consider surgery a little sooner than he did. But it’s a sure bet that for those who take their time, James would say it’s never too late to feel great.

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