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Fly In for Cosmetic Surgery in New York

Written by Dr. Jacobs

Today, it's common for people to travel to seek treatment from the country's premier plastic surgeons. When you take a big step like cosmetic surgery, it makes sense to choose the plastic surgeon with the credentials, experience and proven track record that fit your needs – regardless of where the doctor is located.

Many cosmetic surgeons work with patients from other parts of the country, and our practice is no exception. In our accredited surgery suite in New York, cosmetic surgery patients from far and near receive expert treatment from Dr. Elliot Jacobs, a board certified plastic surgeon offering you the benefits of his three decades of successful practice.

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The Fly-in Process

Our staff will assist you every step of the way. They can help you put together your itinerary and provide a list of local accommodations. It's best to plan a weeklong stay in the "Big Apple" for smaller procedures, and about 10 days for more extensive surgeries.

You can elect to fly in before hand for an in-person meeting with Dr. Jacobs, or we can arrange a phone consultation. Either way, we'll set up a pre-surgery appointment for you to see Dr. Jacobs a day or two prior to your procedure. Before you fly to Manhattan for the big day, we'll also work with you on matters of payment, paperwork and any medical tests you may need.

If you can bring a friend or family member who can help care for you during the immediate post-op period, that's great. If not, we will arrange for someone to support you for a day or two as needed.

Other Benefits of Flying In for Plastic Surgery

Flying to New York for plastic surgery is easier than ever. Our fly-in patients take advantage of multiple benefits as they:

  • Enjoy the opportunity to see a new area as recovery allows
  • Relax and recover in privacy and anonymity
  • Take time away from everyday stresses and demands

Dr. Jacobs routinely works with patients electing cosmetic surgery from New Jersey, Connecticut and other New England states, as well as patients from across the United States. He has served many from foreign countries too. Why not find out more? Give us a call at 212-570-6080 and tell us what you have in mind.

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